freeview channels


Freeview+ (Freeview Plus) is a Freeview brand and specification for PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) for storing broadcasts for later playback. Devices which conform to the Freeview+ standard generally feature more accurate recording start and stop times as well as recommendations and series record.

Many Freeview+ boxes are available, and they are generally replacing non-Freeview+ PVRs. Despite not being Freeview+ branded or meeting the Freeview+ specification, these devices function in the same way and receive all of the same Freeview channels as their branded counterparts, though usually without the reliability and extra features that the Freeview+ specification introduces.

Freeview HD can be combined with Freeview+ to give Freeview+ HD - a Freeview-Branded PVR system that will record and playback HD as well as SD channels.