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Channel 4

“Good afternoon, It’s a pleasure to be able to say to you: Welcome to Channel Four”
Paul Coia – 2nd November 1982

These were the first words heard when Channel 4 launched to offer viewers an alternative to the license-funded BBC1 and BBC2 channels and the commercially-driven ITV (Which since became ITV1). An additional agenda was also in place to focus on providing programming for minority groups, cultures and alternative arts.

The first show to be aired was the gameshow ‘Countdown’ presented by both Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman. Richard Whiteley opened the show with “As the countdown to a new channel ends, a brand new countdown begins.” Along with Countdown, Channel 4 showed the first episode of Liverpool-based soap “Brookside”. Brookside ended 21 years later, whereas Countdown is still shown to this day.

Whilst these shows have been popular, Channel 4 is probably best known for its more controversial late-night shows that aired during the ‘90’s. Shows such as ‘The Word’ (1990-1995), ‘TFI Friday’ (1996-2000) and ‘Eurotrash’ (1993-2007), among others. The shows themselves delighted in showing the more extreme cultures of society which often landed them in trouble with the general public. ‘The Word’ became notorious for being unable to control their guests (L7 – a female band flashed their genitalia, Oliver Reed appeared drunk and several instances of inappropriate language.). TFI Friday, which started as a live show, ended up being taped due to constant inappropriate language and other unpredictable events (Famously banning Shaun Ryder from the show AND the channel for constantly spouting “The F Word”), whereas ‘Eurotrash’ was a constant collection of shocking curiosities.

Channel 4 was previously owned by the IBA (Independant Broadcasting Agency) but is now owned by the Channel 4 Television Corporation, a company that evolved from within the IBA. It became a freeview channel when the service launched in 1998.

  Other original CHANNEL 4 programming;

 -          A Place in the Sun
-          The Adam & Joe Show
-          Banzai
-          Big Brother
-          Big Breakfast
-          Black Books
-          Bo' Selecta!
-          Brass Eye
-          Brat Camp
-          Come Dine With Me
-          Deal Or No Deal
-          Desmond's
-          Drop the Dead Donkey
-          The F Word
-          Father Ted
-          How Clean Is Your House?
-          How to Look Good Naked
-          The IT Crowd
-          Peep Show
-          Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights
-          Queer as Folk
-          Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
-          Shameless
-          Skins
-          So Graham Norton (became V Graham Norton)
-          Spaced
-          Sugar Rush (currently repeated on 4Music)
-          Supernanny
-          Trigger Happy TV
-          Whose Line Is It Anyway?
-          Wife Swap