freeview channels


This website is designed to give you information on the range of channels available via Freeview - everything from the Channel IDs and transmission times to the top programmes per channel and a brief rundown of its history.

What is Freeview?
Freeview is a free digital terrestrial tv service that is broadcast in the UK - for further detailed information, click on 'what is freeview' in the red menu bar.

Freeview+ and Freeview HD
These two extensions of the Freeview service are available in the newer boxes. Click on the 'freeview+' and 'freeview hd' links in the menu bar for further information.

Can I get Freeview?
You can check for the availability of Freeview services (both normal and HD) by using the handy availability checker - just click on the 'availability' link fur details.

Freeview Channel Guide
There are many TV and Radio channels available on Freeview - just click the 'channel guide' link to see them all, or use the left hand menu to jump straight to a channel's information page.


Sky Remote Codes:
If you have a Sky TV Setup and want to know the remote codes for it, click here.